Celebration Christian Academy & Preschool

our goal is to cultivate academic excellence and a solid biblical foundation in all of our children.

Our Philosophy:

While there must be an element of business in order to exist, CCA/P is first and foremost a ministry of Celebration Church. As a representative of Jesus Christ called to the care of his children, CCA/P strives to be excellent in all things. Our program and activities are filtered through the worldview of our faith and belief in Jesus. We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God and our source for absolute truth.

The foundation to winning in life begins in a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The fruits of our Christian faith and Biblical foundation as a school are students equipped to win in life, be defenders of their faith, and go out into the world to help others win in life. CCA/P is unabashedly a Christian environment that is prepared also to compete academically with the best educational institutions, while setting ourselves apart as salt and light in the world. Our educational commitment is to students who can set the pace in whatever environment they find themselves, being exceptional in knowledge, speech, attitude, and heart.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of CCA/P is to provide parents a safe and loving place for their children and young people to be given the opportunity to receive outstanding academic preparation, and to develop exceptional character and a courageous heart to become fully-devoted followers and lovers of Jesus.

Our Curriculum:

CCA/P enrolls infants (0) through twelfth (12th) grade. In these formative years, it is our goal to cultivate academic excellence and a solid biblical foundation in all of our children. Our PreSchool program for infants (0) to K4 is a fun, engaging environment with age-appropriate academic and spiritual learning. Our Kindergarten children will be taught to be effective readers and competent in mathematics, placing our students ahead of the curve. In our elementary, middle, and high school academic program (1st - 12th grade), we place a special emphasis on character development and effective written and verbal communication, to complement our rigorous program in our core subjects.


Infants - Basic language and motor skills development through music and play time.

1's & 2's - Basic communication skills through story time, music and play time; simple crafts and coloring; potty training.

    2's & 3's - Basic cognitive learning (numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc…), story time, music and play time; crafts and coloring.

    3's & 4's - Advanced cognitive learning; basic reading, writing, and math; music and play time; crafts.

PreSchool Registration & Weekly Tuition

Registration - $100
($80 add’l sibling)


0 - 12 mos.  
  $165 ($145 add’l sibling)
6:30am - 6pm

1's & 2's
$155 ($135 add’l age sibling)
6:30am - 6pm

3's - K4
$150 ($130 add’l age sibling)
6:30am - 6pm

Academy - (Alpha Omega Curriculum)

K - 2nd Grade - LIFEPAC is a full-color Christian school workbook curriculum with Bible-based content. Each LIFEPAC workbook includes engaging lessons, activities, review questions, and tests. Scripture passages are integrated throughout the workbooks to help students connect daily learning to biblical truth. LIFEPACs include individual and group projects and activities to help stimulate creativity and reinforce concepts. Core subjects include Bible, History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science.

3rd- 12th Grade - Created exclusively for Christian schools, IGNITIA is a versatile and multifunctional online learning platform, with streamlined efficiencies and interactive features that enrich the educational experience for students. IGNITIA integrates technology into the school environment. This comprehensive curriculum for students includes lessons in five core subject areas: Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, and History and Geography, and a diverse list of electives available. IGNITIA courses are not only rigorous and interactive, but provide instruction based on a Christian-faith worldview, encouraging students to consider challenging questions from a biblical perspective. Courses include text-based lessons, assignments, quizzes, and tests that engage students while they learn. The intuitive, easy-to-use interface supports digital literacy with interactive lessons available online anytime, anywhere. Optional external web links, interactive learning games, audio and video clips, and off computer assignments help students develop the skills necessary for academic success in a media-rich environment.

Academy Registration & Weekly Tuition
Registration - $300
WeeklyTuition - $100
A2J After-School through 8th Grade - $10 per student